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Hi, I’m Derek Tjeerdema, and I am looking for my next role as a data engineer. I have decided being a data engineer is where I want to take my career though looking at the work I have been doing as a data analyst for the last 4 years, and finding the specific aspects of that job that I like best, more specifically setting up and maintaining ETL pipelines, building actionable databases and datasets, and just generally creating scalable data infrastructure. As my experience here shows, I have worked with a wide variety of data tools from all parts of the data ecosystem, from data storage systems such as PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Snowflake, and AWS, scripting languages such as Python and R, visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, as well as other web tools and languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Google Analytics. I have found I often have had the greatest success as a data analyst when I have had good data to work with, and I would be able to provide that as a data engineer. Please find both my full time and part time experience listed below, and thank you for your consideration.


Bachelors of Science - Statistics

University of California, Davis

Full Time Experience

Fandom - Programmatic Data Analyst (February 2021 - Present)

Fandom is an online encyclopedia of all things TV, movies, and video games. Structured in the style of Wikipedia, it was actually started by the founders of Wiki as their for-profit venture. While a Wikipedia article for Super Mario World focuses on the game’s development, release and reception, a Fandom article focuses on in-game content, such as characters levels and items. Fandom is frequently in the top 20 websites visited in the world, and shows similar monthly traffic to,, and, according to this source.

My role at Fandom was Programmatic Data Analyst, which meant I was responsible for all the data functions relating to programmatic (open market) advertisement sales. These included but were not limited to:

BWX - Data Analyst (May 2018-January 2021, promoted in January 2020)

BWX is an Australian beauty and body care company which owns 3 personal care brands, Andalou Naturals, Mineral Fusion, and Sukin, which are primarily sold at natural grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Sprouts, as well as other retailers such as Amazon and Target. During my time there Andalou was the #1 best selling facial care brand at Whole Foods, and Mineral Fusion was the #1 best selling cosmetics brand at Whole Foods. Some of the things I created and worked on while I was there were:

Community Water Center - Data Entry and Analysis Intern (January 2018 - April 2018)

Community Water Center is a non-profit that focuses on creating clean drinking water solutions for California’s central valley. During my time at CWC as an intern some of the projects I worked on were:

Part Time Experience and Side Projects

Huntress Properties - Website Administrator (June 2021 - Present) is a website that I manage for a San Francisco based real estate broker. I make all changes and updates for the site, most frequently adding new properties and marking sold properties as such. Website is ADA compliant, and was built and maintained using a Wix template, and is shown to clients during property showings.

Analog Smog - Website Administrator (November 2021 - Present) is a website I put together to combine two of my favorite things - cars of the 70s and 80s and learning new coding languages. I built and run the entirety of the site, which features articles on various street parked cars I have taken photos of. The site currently includes close to 20 pages, with a new page added weekly. All pages on the site were coded by me using HTML and CSS in VS code and deployed using Google Firebase. Photos come from an instagram account I run with (currently) nearly 300 posts and 1200+ followers, so website has been designed in a scalable way to account for many new pages, which includes page templates, easily changed header and footer pulled in to all pages using jquery, and fully responsive page types for both desktop and mobile devices.

Arcadia Wellness - Data Analyst (Contract Position July 2021)

One month contract position providing data analytics and insights on Arcadia’s “Soul Spring” CBD bath line, which is sold at various grocery retailers. Analytics I provided were using both competitive data against other brands as well as store level to find placement opportunities and store/chain ranking and analysis. My findings were put into a set of slides showing Soul Springs quantitative advantages over other similar brands, and presented to retailers to gain more SKU placements.

Interclinic Consortium - Data Analyst/Researcher (October 2017-May 2021)

Research position where I analyzed survey data on the UC Davis Student Run Clinics. Student researchers gave patient population surveys asking for demographic data on patient ethnicity, age, income level, and more as well as their satisfaction with the clinics services in order to better equip the clinics to serve their patients. I wrote several scripts using R which were used for cleaning and validation of the initial data. Visualizations were made using the ggplot2 package, and findings were presented at different research conferences as well as to UCD Health staff.

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